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Programme Philosophy

The Master's Degree Program in legislative studies is guided by the need to provide in-depth training in the theory and practice of law making. The idea is to bring greater intellectual depth and breadth to the Programme so that candidates would not only be technically qualified persons, they would also be effective policy advisors to their Governments.

Objective of the Programme

The Program is designed to produce knowledgeable and competent personnel for legislatures, general administration and research. The Program emphasizes the legislative process, procedure, practice, the relationship between the legislature and other branches of government. Using a variety of pedagogical options including class room lectures, spending time in the legislature, meeting with legislators and staff, our students will have the opportunity to learn from and exchange ideas with academicians and experts with experience in the legislative process.

Courses Details
First Year

Historical background; nation building; federalism

Structure and organisation of the legislature

Overview of parliamentary and presidential systems of government

Historical Dvelopment; Allocation of Powers among the various branches/tiers

Second Year

Meaning, purpose, and types of research

Types of bills; stages of bill process: introduction in the chambers, sponsors, and co-sponsors of bills

Overview of the parliament and its functions

A student shall present at least one (1) seminar of 3 credit units

A student shall carry out research in any area of specialization in his/her discipline and submit an acceptable dissertation of 6 credit units

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