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Programme Philosophy

The Legislative Drafting Programmes are designed to meet the need for seasoned drafters of legislation for legislatures in emerging democracies.

Objective of the Programme

The objective of the programme is to train a number of participants in the art and science of Legislative Drafting to cover every conceivable area of human endeavours subject to legislation, and to enhance their techniques and skills in legislative drafting for quality legislation.

Courses Details
First Year

Historical background; nation building; federalism and mass politics

Legislative Process: General considerations and stages in the preparation of legislation

Penal Provisions: Penal Provisions, Content of penal provisions

Treaties and Conventions: Domestication of treaties and conventions

Law Making Process in Nigeria: Historical Overview of The Nigerian Legislative

Second Year

Meaning, purpose, and types of research

Subsidiary Legislation: Importance of Subsidiary Legislation

Historical Development and Amendment of Constitution

Concept and Principles of taxation

Judicial interpretation and the role of the court in law-making

A student shall carry out research in any area of specialization in his/her discipline and submit an acceptable dissertation of 6 credit units

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